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Lumen WeBSIS is an online tool for parents and students to access real-time secure information regarding class schedules, assignments, attendance, grades, course registrations, report cards and transcripts.

Google ChromeMozilla Firefox The WeBSIS Portal can be accessed from any computer with internet access using Mozilla FireFox 1.0+ or Google Chrome.
Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.
You can download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome free using these links:

User GuideWeBSIS Portal User Guide
- this pdf guide provides step by step directions (with pictures :-) to help you with the basics of logging into the portal and finding the information you need.


PARENT Portal Information                                                                          

STUDENT Portal Information                                                                          

PORTAL LOGIN HELP                                                                         

Tips for a successful login:

  • Be sure to type in the Location ID associated with the student's school:
    • 1- unused
      2- District Level - unused by parents or students

      3- Elementary School
      4- Middle School
      5- High School
  • Be sure the Caps Lock key is not on.
    • Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Parent usernames are created with this pattern:
    • first initial of first name + first four letters of last name + birth date of student + birth month of student
    • Example: John Smith whose student was born July 19 would have the username jsmit1907
  • Student usernames are created with this pattern:
    • first four letters of last name + four digit Lumen student ID number
      Example: Jason Smith with Lumen ID 1234 would have the username smit1234
  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.


WeBSIS Portal



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